• Personal email sending Email


    This is a continuation for the post Personal email with Azure DNS and Mailgun but now helping you to also send email using the same configuration.

    # TD;DR
    # If you want one line to configure but your emails will probably end up in the span folder:
    curl -s --user 'api:YOUR_API_KEY' \
        https://api.mailgun.net/v3/domains/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/credentials \
        -F password='SUPER_SECRET_PASSWORD'

  • Personal email with Azure DNS and Mailgun


    I had struggled for a while to get my custom email address working without the need to actually pay for another email provider, but more than that I would love if I could use email servers in the same way that I can use a load balancer you can change or upgrade whatever is behind it without ever needing to upgrade the interface.

    Using Mailgun and Azure DNS you can do it paying less than a dollar monthly.

  • Using table storage in Typescript


    For those that don’t know table storage, it is a key value store that you can use it in Azure. The basic thinking that I have when using table storage is. Are you spending a lot of money on Redis but your requests don’t need to be < 1ms and you would be ok with that taking around 50ms, so table storage it is probably for you. You can get really good instructions on how to use table storage using javascript on the docs but trying to do the same using Typescript proved to be a bit more challenging.

  • DNS as code with azure DNS and terraform


    If your current request for a subdomain requires you to contact the infra team open a ticket and wait for few days until you can test this new cool website on your custom subdomain this might interest you. Even if you are not currently an Azure customer or not currently using terraform this is very easy to setup feature that will help you streamline your domain management.

    The code for this example can be found at: https://github.com/Nepomuceno/sample-terraform-dns

  • Installing govendor on windows


    If you are using go ans specially if you come from a .Net background you might be missing a tool like Nuget of course go get solves a lot of those problems but you might be missing some configuration and control on top of that. Govendor helps you to do that. You can check how to use govendor here

    This are the instructions to install in case you are using windows.

  • Dealing with real life IOT


    When you start working with IOT scenarion on the real work you realise that the combination of changing firsmware updates dealing with battery life and remote devices can be way more complex than you first imagine. In this post I will be exploring a huge deployment with remote devices that need to last for years and communicate over long distances.

  • The Hamiltonian path problem!


    I was watching the video on Numberfile with Matt Parker he proposed a simple problem that you receive all the positive integers up to a certain number and you need to arrange them in a new order so that the sum of any 2 adjacent numbers will be a square number. Spoil alert now I will be giving a valid solution so if you are trying to solve that by yourself go there and try it (maybe the title has given you the idea of the solution already).