Installing govendor on windows

If you are using go ans specially if you come from a .Net background you might be missing a tool like Nuget of course go get solves a lot of those problems but you might be missing some configuration and control on top of that. Govendor helps you to do that. You can check how to use govendor here

This are the instructions to install in case you are using windows.

Make sure your go binaries are in the path. You should have <GOPATH>/bin you your windows PATH instructions on how to install go easy on windows can be found here.

On any shell with access to go (powershell or cmd for example)

Get govendor

go get -u

Install govendor

go install

After that you should be able to check which version you are using from govendor using:

govendor --version

now you just need to use in your go projects

govendor init

and for the dependencies that you want to add

govendor fetch <Your-Dependency>

(this info was based on my experience and on this answer in stack overflow)

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